Selling your house can be expensive

  •     First you have the up-front costs (which you need money to even get started!):
  •     Taking your belongings to a storage facility or throwing away things you really do not want to.

o  Fixing and repairing any number of major and minor repairs.               (new paint, carpet, roof, furnace etc.).

o  Costs of owning the property                                                                 (insurance, taxes, interest, etc.).

o  Maintaining the property                                                                       (gas, electric, cutting grass, snow removal)

o  Professional home inspections, pest inspection, lead based paint inspection, mold inspection, asbestos inspection, radon inspection, structural

Then you have the cost of bringing a house under contract!


·       realtor fees as much as 7%

·       closing costs

·       liability for any repairs made

Selling your home to us eliminates all of the above costs and best of all your home will be purchased in just a few days. Best of all no more waiting for that right buyer, no more money going down the drain. Imagine the stress relief knowing your property is sold!